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my name is Thomas Bopp and I am one of the supporters from Spieleschmiede. In real-life I work as a software architect.

I play with two different board game groups each once per month and we mostly play quite complex games (re-started playing since 1 year now, because Children need less efforts). Started with Game of Thrones boardgame (great game), then Galactica, Eclipse (also great game) and Blood Rage! With the other group (3 players) we play Through the ages which is currently my favorite game.

In the 80s I played Risk and Diplomacy, then we discovered Axis&Allies and played it 2 weeks in a row ;-) Also I played role playing games (Harnmaster was favorite one) and run my own MUD in the 90s (Xyllomer). I have also designed a PBEM game named Kingdoms, which was only played by something like 20 people.

Other hobbies are Coffee and TV Series.

Medioevo Universalis really has a lot of potential and I would like to follow the development here.

Nice to meet you,
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Messaggio da leggereda Veldriss il 14 febbraio 2017, 22:52

WELCOME tombolala here on official forum of MedioEvo Universale (is better to use the right name from now on).

Very nice presentation :D

I hope you will be able to give advice during the development.

Don't drink too much coffee ;)
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