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Welcome, traveller!

You've reached the official forum for Medioevo Universal.


MU is a boardgame. A huge boardgame. Massive. It's a game of commerce, diplomacy, strategy and conquest set in the XIII century, where players will have to manage one of the great Kingdoms.
Yes, to be more precise, it is still - at Dec. 2015 - at a prototype stage.

The game designer is Nicola Iannone (Veldriss on this forum); he started working on an idea by a group of friends in the eighties. MU is the result of true dedication and passion. Follow this forum if you're intrigued.

The Italian editor Giochix will publish MU next year via a Kickstarter/Giochistarter crowdfunding campaign. If everything goes well, MU will be published by the end of 2016.

Why not? MU hides the endless efforts of its designer to make it one of the most ambitious projects of modern boardgames. More, realizing it would mean transforming into reality the dreams of Nicola and all his friends and people who played the game along all this years to forge it and improve it.

It's Made in Italy, people!

If you wish to follow this adventure, please subscribe to this forum and tell us who you are.

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Re: Welcome

Messaggio da leggereda Veldriss il 10 dicembre 2015, 20:01

THX Krakentdg for your welcome message for future users of English language :D

This Forum was mainly born for 2 reasons (ops, sorry, 3 reasons :P ):

1 - to tell the history of this prototype, when and how it was born, step and progress in the time, the various techniques and solutions evolved for realizing it...

2 - to pick up a great number of informations about the period historical essay.
I have developed quite a lot searches to realize part of the components of the game, but participating to some conventions I realized that a lot of people are decidedly more acculturated than can be imagined... who for hobby, who for passion and who for university or job, these gentlemen are surely wells (endless?) of information.
Here I would like to compare the various sources to be able to subsequently bring possible changes to this prototype, and to make it historically valid.

Thank you in advance who will participate in the Forum, also only with a precise statement or an useful link.

The 3rd? Obviously try to publish this boardgame... And after several years of working on the prototype, playtesting, conventions etc., I am finally found a publisher who will publish the game:

the Giochix (http://www.giochix.it) will launch on the portals of crowdfunding kickstarter.com and giochistarter.it the campaign to finance the production of this boardgame ... date yet to be determined, but now the countdown is started!

Link to the official page of MedioEvo Universalis on giochix.it: http://www.giochix.it/scheda.php?item=3 ... 0&lingua=0
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