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MedioEvo Universalis II

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da Zamein
We are going to apply some substantial changes to the game, Veldriss decided to keep everything from the last version in a drow and start making the new version from now. We are going to post something as soon as possible; by the way the game will still be the same old game, same mechanics and so on but with a lot of very intresting news.

Let's hope we'll do a great work.

Game Cards

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da Zamein
To read the complete and detailed post about the entire card tale visit the following link (it will be translated soon):

MedioEvo Universalis II: new decks and cards


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da Zamein
For the whole 2009 summer we played once a week testing the game and trying to apply some new rules.

Our intention was to give a new life to some rules, making some other easier to use and to understand, to give more importance to some game elements that until that time was underestimated from all the players, no drastic changes, a lot of "meat on the fire" and we had great results.

Then Veldriss made a lot of researchs on other managment game like this one in order to geather some new ideas about people, art, history, weapons and so on.

We are going to use all this reasearch work changing the event cards from something like:

"an epidemic breaks out in Europe"

to something like:

"In the 1347 the army sieging Caffa, "The Great Sea Queen", had to leave the siege from the colony of Genoa becouse they were suffering by the pest. Their leader, the Khan Gani Bek, before leaving, ordered to throw with catapults the bodies of the soldiers died becouse of the pest beyond the walls. Caffa people rushed in vain to throw into the sea the bodies. The Yersinia Pestis will follow the merchants on the road to the west. 1/3 of the European population will die decimated by the pandemic"

We'll see how much time and wish we'll have to give to this thing.

Veldriss is also working on the history section of the forum, collecting a lot of material about cathedrals, templars, knights orders and so on.

Veldriss found also a great help in Silverwolf, an italian guy he met on Dragons' Lair forum who is helping us a lot with heraldry and the correct mapping for that period.

Historical Map

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da Zamein
While we was waiting for the new cards veldriss decided to make four touch-up to the game map:

1 - Thanks to the irreplaceable help of Silverwolf we now have an historical map much more closer to reality of the chosen period, veldriss lost many nights for that, an historical game with a non-historical map.
Now he asked Silverwolf a last efford finding the last imperfections or some error about the boundaries.

2 - He dcided to get rid of those yellow-highlighted boundaries replacing them with the creation of a modular map: base map + 2 addictional maps (north strip and west strip)

3 - We was waiting the new graphic suggested by Eiden but it seems that she hasn't enought time right now to give us wich means that the map will look like as always

4 - The last point he wish to accomplish is making the map folding in a way that it could be kept easly in a box of a standard size.

Ok, let's start: in order to save some time on the sea graphic veldriss decided to take the 2 years ago finished map with the boundaries on the step before to the one mentioned in the point 2:

Highlited all the white area and superimposed to the finished map with the following result:


Now we just have to make some calculation to satisfy the points 2 and 4.

Game Box

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da Zamein
Calculations on the map size have to be done alse for another reason: the Veldriss' Box.

Always talking about the fate: two years ago veldriss, who is a teetotaler, was sent buying some wine bottles. Due to his total ignorance about wines he asked the seller and a long discussion started... bla bla bla... when at the end he fount the "right bottles" he noticed a wood box conteining 3 or more bottles.

"Nice" he told to the sellers... and he started making some questions about those, if he had a larger one, if he always sell them or if he had some to throw away and so on. At the end, anyway, he got one of those boxes in gift, and he understood that SHE was going to be his prototype box:



Once at home he took the measures of the box, it was perfect, in the bottom half he could put the base version of the game and in the highest half the two expansion sets, he built again al the little boxes but at the end everything was inside the box!

New map divided in 3 parts

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da Zamein
ok, after a lot of calculations and a lot of failed attemps the final solution seems to be the following one:

Base map for 3-6 players (8 folding parts of a sum of 1200x850mm):

First expansion set up to 8 players (2 folding parts 236x850, for a sum of 1436x850 mm):

Second expansion set up to 10 players (3 folding parts 236x1436, for a sum of 1436x1090mm):

The only thing about this solution is that the UK come in game only with the second expansion set, he tried many other ways to solve this problem but none worked

Map: some changes

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da Zamein
Veldriss is always working on this, and thanks to a couple of days off we have the new map:

Nothing changed? it looks like that but let me tell you what happened:

- All the Main players reigns now have 7 territories istead of 8

- The Turkish Seljuk and Vladimir-Suzadal Russian players are gone, in their places now reign the Golden Horde and the Novgorod Republic, wich is much more historically correct being them active reigns (and this map also suites better the new situation with the base map and the two expansion sets).

- A lot of little reigns were added: Giudicato of Arborea in Sardinia, Genoa Sea Republic, Navarra Reign in Spain, 2 irish reigns, Epirus Despotate, and Duchy of Athens, the Kanate in the Middle East.

- In evalutation phase some islands like Cyprus, Rhodes and balearic

- The Sea zones marks changed starting from the Black Sea istead of the North Sea

- Fixed something like 40 sea boundaries

- Moved the place of the Calamity deck

- Suited better some boundaries to fit the expansion sets boundaries.

- There's only a decision to take right now about the map text, should it be in English or in Italian? Becouse if we keep the italian text we leave it just where it is without great changes, only around 10% names are changed, if we go for the english we'll have to touch-up the entire map deleting the italian text and putting there the english one, so a big work!

Map: divided into 4 zones for random events

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da Zamein
No time for translating the map (or wish?)

Anyway now we are here:

For now Veldriss decided to keep the last map colours and graphic with just some changes:

- Some more boundaries was replaced
- Now we have a background in the deck places
- A trasparent image was superimposed on the sea
- He difined the four land areas, this time with the coulors lightened for the 10 %
- And he corrected those 2/3k of errors that automated functions always leave behind.

Map: Kingdoms of players

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da Zamein
work in progress:

Enlighted of another 10% the Holy Roman Epire, Kinghdom of Hungary, Byzantine Empire and changed the blue for Novgorod becouse many people thought it was a see ( :shock: ) now you should notice the changes.

Map: all territories colored

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da Zamein
Painting work is finally done, not all colours are a hundred percent sure but we are quite there.
Veldriss changed some more boundaries but there wasn't important changes: